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Shimano will reach it's centennial in March of 2021. Shimano began from the dreams that Shozaburo Shimano, a knife craftsman from Sakai-City, aspired of realizing through metal working technology.Shimano dedicated 100 years to pursue people’s happiness in finding harmony close to nature and creating new values through the field of bicycle components, fishing tackles, and rowing equipment.Shimano has always been, and always will, provide highly-trusted quality and continue to deliver Captivating Products for the next 100 years.


In the year leading up the centennial in 2021, this corner will introduce historic Shimano innovations every month to trace its history of innovation, embodied in the products.

1921 - Single Freewheel by Shozaburo

First product manufactured and marketed by Shimano.

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The first product manufactured and marketed by Shimano. The founder, Shozaburo Shimano, was passionate about improving the quality and performance of freewheel, which were considered to be particularly difficult to manufacture among bicycle components at that time. The origin of Shimano's "Challenging Spirit", which lives on today.