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Grächenthe natural trail paradise in the Mattertal

Grächen is situated in the Mattertal and as the name already suggests, the Matterhorn and Zermatt are not far away. Zermatt is currently investing a lot into Mountainbiking and will host an EWS Endurorace next year. Grächen is in no way behind its big brother. At least that's what we think. For two days we were on the trails around and in Grächen with Nils and Carolina. The surrounding areais huge and covers a large part of the best trails in the Upper Valais.

Breathtakingly beautiful bike scenery


Ecxcellent public transport facilities

Everywhere there are gondolas transporting bikes or Postbuses that transform tedious asphalt ascents into eventful and relaxed rides. Such a great range of public transport facilities should not be missed if you want to make a good amount of vertical meters.

By bus and by bike at the same time

Testing Shimano XT brakes while downhilling

So the focus on our two days layed clearly on the descents. This did not mean no climbing at all, but just a lot less climbing and a lot more time spent with downhills. The perfect occasion to test our recently upgraded Shimano XT brakes.

Tina Gerber tests Shimano XT brakes while downhilling

Shimano XT brakes

BR-M8020 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

"I love the upgraded Shimano XT brakes!" - Tina Gerber

The BR-M8020 did not disappoint! The additional bite of the brakes with a nonmoving brake point made us ride into every descent with no fatigue.


The trails around the area

But back to the trails around the area which includes the villages Visp, Visperterminen, Gspon, Stalden, Moosalp and Jungen. Basically whichever little village you mention, trail connaisseurs will most likely now not one but many great options back down into the valley. The variety of trails truly knows no limitations. Those who prefer easy trails will find super flowy options along one of the many hundreds of years old watercourses, called Suonen, of the region.

Tina Gerber heading to the sun

Tina Gerber - Grächen Valais

World Championships 2019

Not only Zermatt is hosting an international race in the future, but also in Grächen the XC Marathon World Championships in 2019 will take place. The trail selection won’t be as demanding, but still, it shows how the hearts of the locals are beating. Also, there are many rougher trails that proved that the Shimano 1x doesn’t need a chainguide to stay bulletproof where it belongs.

Nils and Caroline guiding different tours (1/2)

Nils and Caroline took us both days on two completely different tours. We spent one day in Grächen riding the fast, dusty and rough Enduro Trails inbetween the Suonen. And on the second day we changed the side of the valley and made a breathtaking round trip over the Moosalp, Jungen and ended up in St. Niklaus down in the valley.

Nils and Caroline guiding different tours (2/2)

A variety of all kind of spectators

Grächen has endless potential

Grächen is a bike destination with endless potential. The local community as well as the tourism are supporting the sport completely and see the future in mountain bike tourism.

A small break to recharge for the next ride

Bird eye view

We also felt that all bikers are welcome, no matter if training for the next Marathon Worldcup or just having fun playing around in the woods.

Tina Gerber's exploration in Grächen