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It all matters - attention to detail in Shimano’s new XTR

Before developing a new groupset, our dev team discusses its goals it wants to achieve. These goals reflect evolution of the sport, evolution of our technical abilities and new insights. Some changes are obvious, but often there’s a lot of details adding up to that new benchmark in performance.

Tailored for your usage

First of all, we offer choice. You as a rider are what counts. Want a more narrow Q-factor? We got you covered with our XC crank, whilst others can opt for the enduro version with a wider stance. The crank has undergone another major change; it is super easy to change the chainring with the new direct mount assembly. Swapping to a smaller or bigger chainring is now done in a breeze. Looking for even more range in gears? We’ve got you covered with a double chainring option, with a huge 612% range and the best performing front derailleur ever.

The whole drivetrain as a whole houses lots of details which makes it the fastest and smoothest shifting groupset available on the market. The cassette, which is made out of aluminum, titanium and steel, has been milled with new ramps, which we call HyperGlide+. This results in faster downshifting, even when putting the power down. Choice matters, so opt for a 10-45 cassette with close gear ratios, or opt for the ultimate 1x cassette with a range of 10-51.

Smooth & powerful

That power is transferred by the new chain, which has been improved by chamfering the edges of the inner plates. This makes the drivetrain extremely quiet and allows for the larger cross-chain on one-by drivetrains without any issues. All that shifting is controlled at your fingertips, with a shifter which requires less force, but is still clearly indexed. Plus, the double-shift capabilities have been optimized so accidental double shifts are a thing of the past. Furthermore, the new shifter can be mounted via the new I-SPEC-EV system, which allows for better adjustment to suit your personal preferences even more.

For 2x12 riders the front left hand shifter (SL-M9100-IL / SL-M9100-L) features an innovative new Mono Lever design with a simplified and intuitive operation, using just the one lever to shift up or shift down.

The new rear derailleur allows for the huge 1x range, with its 13 tooth jockey wheels keeping the chain more stable than ever and allow for that refined shifting experience.

Control at your fintertips

The brake lever to which the shifter can be mounted has undergone quite a few refinements as well. The contact point with the handlebar has been moved inward, so all your input goes directly to the brake calliper on the rear. It will also provide you with better feedback. The result is increased braking power, better modularity and light weight, which ever option of brake you choose - as we offer a four piston configuration with corresponding levers as well as our ultra light dual-piston brakes. Our lightweight dual-piston brakes have an awesome one piece caliper body, plus sheds even more grams with their carbon levers. Our four piston option offers more power, more adjustments on the lever, for both brake point as well as lever reach fine tuning. The finned pads on the brakepads keep the system cooler than ever, matched to the new Freeza disc rotor which not only is lighter but also sheds more grams, whatever size you opt for.

Quiet please - Scylence is key

All these details added up make for our fastest, smoothest and most quiet drivetrain ever. That silence is something we cherished so we’ve created the new Scylence hubs. The rear hubs totally disengages when you’re not pedalling, coasting without any noise or drag. You can hear the tyre grip, your suspension working, or the birds singing. Flow like never before. And for that final descent, lower your dropper post with the new minimalist adjustable seatpost lever. The new XTR has got you covered.

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