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Be warm. Be dry. Be seen.

Warm, visible, dry and durable. That’s what you want from overshoes. And that’s what Shimano guarantees with its range of all-weather, all-terrain shoe covers.

Warm, dry and visible. This is the holy grail of overshoes. Not many achieve all three, especially when you throw durability in the mix – being washed after each and every ride.

That’s the challenge Shimano’s designers were up against. To create an all-weather, all-terrain shoe cover. And they did it with the S1000R / S1000X models. The solution is a bright yellow PU coating for visibility, durability and reliable rain protection on top of an elastic, brushed lining for flexible warmth and comfort.

Shimano is passionate about every aspect of cycling. Not just the gorgeous summer days ridden out under blue skies, with a permanent backwind. But also the dark winter days when it’s hours of rain on rain.

Think about the beautiful moments to be found on the bike. Even in the coldest and darkest moments you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the sun rays blasting down through the trees, a mystical glow on the horizon across ice-crusted fields, or your favorite trails transformed by the clawing mud that makes it a new challenge to overcome.

The key is having the right equipment. It’s the difference between enjoying a winter ride and grimacing through it. Your clothing must protect you when you’re exposed to the elements on a bicycle. And keeping their extremities warm and dry is doubly important. 

Feet first

Protecting your shoes against dirt and water doesn’t just keep them looking good and make them last longer, it’s essential for keeping your feet warm and dry. And because your feet are going up and down, they’re also a great way to improve your visibility.

S1000R (onroad) and S1000X (offroad) are Shimano’s design specifically for rainy days. They are equipped with an insulating fleece fabric with waterproof PU coating. In cold and wet weather this version comes with a 3mm thick, multi-stretchable neoprene with waterproof PU coating.

Overshoes for every season

Shimano has shoe covers in its line-up for every application and every requirement. Whether for road riding or mountain biking, wet or cold weather, beginner or professional riders, in black or neon yellow, or for large or small feet, each pair is windproof and provides reflective elements for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. 

Thanks to a patented Optimal Panel Construction Design, Shimano overshoes have no seam on the instep, which increases water resistance and keep wet winter conditions at bay.

Meanwhile the front toe box sections correspond to the contours of cycling shoes, thus ensuring a perfect fit. To ensure this perfect fit even in racing shoes a special half-closed sole has been developed for maximum functionality. Taped seams and robust fabric reinforcements on the upper make Shimano overshoes incredibly durable.

Shimano overshoes can be found on our website here and are available in stores now.