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E-MTB touring with Shimano STEPS creates spectacular adventures

MOVELO e-Bike touring company takes MTB holidays to game-changing level of experiencing new adventures with SHIMANO STEPS-equipped Focus Bold² e-MTBs!

Ready for a whole new mountain bike touring experience? Enjoy the freedom to travel farther and higher than ever before thanks to Movelo e-bike touring company. Weave through Italy’s Dolomites, soar to the highest points of Austria’s Alps or tackle Germany’s picturesque mountainous terrain with Movelo’s game-changing Focus Bold² e-MTB equipped with SHIMANO STEPS. This bike provides you with the best of both worlds – the natural feel and handling of a normal mountain bike with that extra push whenever you need it to reach both your distance and altitude goals.

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Tales of a Movelo adventure

Four friends were followed through one of their Movelo adventures in Italy’s Dolomites region. Every day they would set out to explore the trails, as well as the region’s most beautiful attractions and local culture. Inevitably there would be some playtime where they’d challenge each other through singletrack sections before heading back to home base. In the evenings, they’d unwind around the campfire, enthusiastically recapping their day on the bike. They were all excited by how much ground as well as altitude they were able to cover in a day. This is thanks to FOCUS’ optional additional downtube battery pack. There was never talk of power disparity amongst the riders as STEPS smoothly equalled the playing field. At the end of the holiday, each one of them came away with priceless experiences – all looking forward to their next Movelo adventure


SHIMANO STEPS MTB power-assist system allows you to bring out your own inner adventurer! Head out for epic mountain bike rides and return home feeling energized. Its lightweight, intelligent, silent, easy-to-use integrated system gives you the most natural feeling on the trails so you have full confidence to attack the technical singletracks on your way to the next big climb. Its stable assist power output regulated by cadence significantly adds to that natural feel. You’ll find yourself forgetting that you’re on an e-bike while smoothly flowing from trail to trail. STEPS offers eco, trail and boost mode, making it possible for everyone to ride together regardless of age, strength, skill or endurance level.

Focus Bold2 – a SHIMANO-Focus co-creation

When SHIMANO and Focus came together to create the ultimate hardtail e-MTB, it resulted in the Focus Bold² which not only looks like a non-motorized bike thanks to SHIMANO STEPS’ integrated design, but handles like one due to their ability to adhere to geometry similar to that of a standard mountain bike. They also designed this bike to have the flexibility of adding a second T.E.C. battery pack on the downtube for those extended odysseys.


Movelo, a Germany-based premier e-bike touring company, has over ten years’ experience in partnering people with the perfect e-bike holidays to suit their unique needs. They offer the ultimate combination of everything you’ll need to discover every corner of their territories spread throughout ten countries - Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, Austria, and Czech Republic. They have you covered for everything from e-bike rentals, battery charging points, and bike paths to guided tours and holiday packages. As an added perk, MOVELO offers the possibility to purchase your own Focus Bold2 bike so you can take that holiday feeling back home with you. 

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