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Superman cycles around the world

One Englishman is aiming to become the first person to cycle across all seven continents. And he’s doing it dressed as superman.

You don’t have to be superman to cycle around the world. But it helps. Especially if you’re visiting schools in every country you go through to inspire children to dream big. 

Will Hodson from the UK had dreamed about cycling around the world for years. In 2014 he entered the Shimano #Believe competition to help make his dream come true. And it did. Shimano gave him a bike and a golden ticket to drop into any of our dealers around the world for bike maintenance and repairs along the way. 

Since he left London in May 2015 he has cycled over 25,000 kilometres across 20 countries from the UK to China. So what has the adventure been like so far?

“There is one thing for sure when you’re travelling in a foreign country on a bike and that is there is NEVER a dull moment,” explains Will. “Every day is a new adventure. You are constantly enjoying new views, new people and new challenges.”

To be doubly sure there is never a dull moment, Will is wearing a superhero costume every day he’s on the bike. He is visiting schools all around the world to talk about how #WeCanAllBeHeroes by being kind to others, going for your dreams and not giving up. 

Another highlight has been the incredible kindness of strangers. “In every single one of the twenty countries I have cycled through, there have been friendly waves, offers of food and accommodation. It really is mind-blowing to be on the receiving end of such hospitality and when you see first hand that the world really is full of good, helpful people rather than the often negative and scary world depicted in the news, it can’t help but change your outlook on life in some way.”

“There have been challenging times too of course. Sometimes the roads I have taken have been tough. At times cycling through deserts when it has been so hot that the tarmac on the road has been melting under my wheels. While some of the winter months have been incredibly cold. In Turkey it reached -16 degrees.”

Running repairs

“Stuff breaks and parts inevitably wear out on the bike too. Luckily for me the headache of finding a decent bike shop and getting decent spare parts wherever I am in the world has been removed thanks to Shimano’s support.”

“Over the last year and a half I have called on Shimano shops in Italy, Turkey and China to help keep me going. Not only have they always done an incredible job fixing my bike but they have often gone above and beyond by doing things inviting me to join them for food.”

“In one shop in Xichang in China, the staff basically adopted me for a few days and together we visited local sights, restaurants and friends all over the town. They really have showed me unbelievable kindness and hospitality.”

“All in all, I feel incredibly lucky to be finally living the dream that I’ve wanted to make my reality for so many years. But I think anyone can cycle around the world if they want to or achieve whatever it is that they have their set their mind on doing. Underneath the fancy dress superhero costume I am a very normal guy who used to be a primary school teacher in London. Anybody can make their dreams come true if you put the work in, or as I would say: “We can all be heroes!”

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Will still has a long way to go on his mission to cycle across every continent on the planet. 

Want to follow SuperCyclingMan’s cycling adventures as he pedals around the planet? Will is regularly posting photos, videos and stories on his SuperCyclingMan Facebook page here. 

Will is also aiming to raise £100,000 for several charities including Parkinson’s UK as his father has Parkinson’s. He’s currently raised over £15,000. If you would like to boost his charity fundraising total, you can donate here.

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