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Cycling 800 km to Friedrichshafen on an e-bike

Andreas 4 day road trip with a SHIMANO STEPS e-bike.

What better way to endorse the performance of your product at Eurobike than by riding it the 800km to get there. That's exactly what Shimano Europe's Technical Service Rep Andreas Vogel did with SHIMANO STEPS urban drive unit.

You may have seen Andreas at Shimano's Eurobike E-bike test area helping customers to try out our SHIMANO STEPS units. He was probably smiling too with the accomplishment of huge distance in the saddle. We all know about the large radius you can travel with an e-bike but even we were a little surprised when we heard about this SHIMANO STEPS journey. 

Day 1

After leaving Zwolle in the Netherlands on Saturday on his e-bike with SHIMANO STEPS drive unit, combined with a Nexus hub and Di2 shifting, he split his journey into four days and made short work of the challenging terrain and the task of carrying luggage - including several extra batteries - to Friedrichshafen. Navigating with Komoot's iPhone app, Andreas headed for the German border and then onto the Rhine before calling it a night in Bad Breisig after a staggering first day of 300km. 

Andreas route from Shimano Europe headquarters (The Netherlands) to the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen (Bodensee, Southern Germany)

Day 2

With a maximum SHIMANO STEPS battery range of 125km Andreas switched to his spare batteries several times along the journey to maintain a consistently high pace. Once he reached his nightly hotels Andreas charged his batteries. This allowed him to clock 300km again on Sunday, taking a southerly route via Koblenz, Bingen and Heidelberg and until he reached the city of Stuttgart.

Overall it was really quite the adventure, the weather and the journey was perfect - the hills and headwinds obviously weren't a problem. Such a journey was no problem whatsoever for the drive unit. I'm already planning my next multi-day tour with SHIMANO STEPS.

Day 3 and 4

Monday was a shorter day for Andreas but more challenging with 200km including the Schw√§bische Alb mountain before his final night in the ancient town of Sigmaringen. His final 65km on Tuesday saw him power his way into Shimano's Demo Day party at Eurobike looking fresh and happy to join his colleagues. 

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