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Explore Beyond

The value of exploring your world is immeasurable. Seeking out new places and discovering different experiences bolsters us all. It opens our eyes to new ways of thinking, new ways to prioritize our time, and gives us time for self-reflection. But it’s important to recognize that these new locales don’t need to be exotic or foreign. Adventure can be found by simply escaping routine.

Cyclists know that few things rival the bicycle as a tool for discovery. A gravel bike allows you to connect the domesticated with the wild, the paved with the unpaved. It encourages you look at a map, or your own backroads, differently. It helps you get to know your world. You learn the pitches, the surfaces, the flora and fauna, and how they change month to month, season to season, and year to year.

When the bicycle you’re aboard is built for adventure, it encourages you to seek it out. Shimano GRX, with its gravel specific ergonomics, optimized gearing options, rugged reliability, and quiet and stable drivetrain, sets itself apart from the rest of the component world. It isn’t a reworked set of road components. It represents a ground up look at how cyclists want to explore their world. Shimano GRX helps you eliminate excuses, instead urging you to try that rough sidetrack or ride that little bit longer. It offers you the option to Explore Beyond.

Whatever beyond means to you, expand your horizons. It doesn’t matter how fast you get there or where it takes you. Whether you define adventure by riding a never-before noticed dirt alleyway or by the number of time zones crossed, we’ve all felt the urge to transcend our daily experience. Wherever your beyond lies, go find it.