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In the Flow - Andrew Neethling

South Africa is a dynamic and vibrant destination that offers an unrivalled wealth of experiences for mountain bikers. It's a treasure trove of exciting routes, discovered and waiting to be uncovered. Andrew Neethling chased for us the rays in South Africa putting XTR to it's limit. Scroll down to see the short video "In the Flow" featuring Andrew Neethling. 

In the Flow

We are chasing after so many things so many places but what we really want is just to be in the flow.

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Dear Africa

Millions of years of Evolution
Shaped Thousands of our traditions
As it would be rude to skip the presentations
let a few minutes of our riding do the introductions

As we are thankful to ride with such a passion
For you we will stop our divisions
We will work with devotion
and promise you to always find solutions


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