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Koryak – a performance cockpit for everyday riding

Mountain-bike riding is all about the flow. When you're out there on the trails, the worries of the world behind you, something opens up in you. You fall into a rhythm that is almost meditative. You feel the flow of the terrain under your wheels. You sense the flow of the elements all around you. Your breathing, your heartbeat, your thoughts, all settle into a beautiful harmony. You need equipment that flows with you.

When PRO created the Koryak component set, it was with the understanding that you demand equipment that can hold up when you ride aggressively, but has also to be affordable.  

Performance so good you can forget about

Built with pro-level performance at an economical price point, Koryak components anchor you to your bike so you can control your ride without compromise. 

Our commitment is to giving you a component set – handlebars, seatposts and stems – that can hold up to the performance demands of intense trail riding. They will help you become one with the bike and stay in the flow on a ride instead of worrying about your equipment. 

Dial in your fit

Finished in a dark black matte with glossy black logo treatments, Koryak components match any color scheme and look great on any bike. 

The Koryak bar comes in flat and riser formats so you can tailor the fit to your kind of riding. The bars come in either 760mm or 720mm widths but can be trimmed so you can dial in your points of leverage. 

While stem lengths range from 40mm to 100mm and 0-degree and +/- 6-degree angles, allowing you to customize your cockpit for sure handling on any terrain. 

Lever your bars with confidence as you ride; the Koryak stems feature a wide four-bolt bar clamp. Engineers also trimmed material from the front cap to lighten your load and give you a pro-performance look.

The Koryak seatpost comes in two set-back options and options to fit all standard modern mountain-bike seat-tubes. It offers you Shimano’s One-Bolt clamping system and the same internal mechanics as Shimano’s high-end Tharsis XC component group seatpost. 

All this attention to detail makes mounting and adjusting your preferred saddle simple and offers the kind of strength and security to keep your mind on the ride and not your equipment.

Koryak components are available through your preferred retailer now.

Di2 ready when you are

PRO has engineered a Koryak model specifically for optimal integration with Shimano’s best-in-class Di2 electronic shifting system. If you already run Di2, cable is routed internally for a clean cockpit. If you don’t, well, outfitting your bike with Koryak components makes the upgrade easy.