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PRO Vibe: the handlebar that will turn heads

Everyone wants to develop the fastest, strongest, and most aerodynamic handlebar on the market. Thanks to new technical innovations and ongoing co-creation with professional cyclists, the honours go to PRO. The PRO Vibe handlebars are lighter, stronger, and more aerodynamic than ever before, and have integrated cable routing for both shift and brake cables. Read more about the cleanest cockpit in the peloton.


The new PRO Vibe handlebars are the result of a strong co-creation between the experienced product developers of PRO and Team Sky. The riders of Team Sky are of course better suited than anyone else to provide input to  what features the handlebar should have. This input enabled the PRO development team to develop the ideal handlebar. Thanks to ongoing feedback and adjustments, they were eventually able to develop the best handlebar on the market.

PRO Vibe handlebars

The new PRO Vibe handlebars are perfect for demanding, performance-focused cyclists. The handlebars are manufactured with the most advanced technologies currently available. The PRO Vibe series contains three different models: the Vibe Aero, the Vibe Carbon and the Vibe Aluminium.

Aerodynamic, light and cleaner than ever

All PRO Vibe handlebars are developed for maximum performance and therefore are very aerodynamic. During development PRO had to take the increasing demand for electronic drivetrains. into account. The handlebar is therefore compatible with Shimano Di2, including the brand new Dura-Ace R9100, which has the new Di2-junction at the end of the handlebar. In addition, the Vibe handlebar also eliminates all cables, whether you have mechanical or hydraulic brakes. The result? Your cockpit gets a super-fast and clean look, which is something that will make many cyclists will turn their head to take a second look.

Innegra fibres protect vulnerable areas

The Vibe Aero and Vibe Carbon handlebars are equipped with special Innegra fibres. These unique fibres protect the most vulnerable areas of your handlebar during a crash or when transporting your bicycle. Important bonus: the Innegra fibres are rock-solid, but without sacrificing weight. The PRO Vibe handlebars are lightweight at between 220 and 245 grams. With this handlebar you can tackle even the roughest conditions.

More information

  • PRO Vibe Aero
    Full carbon handlebar with an aerodynamic profile, resulting in less turbulence. The handlebar is equipped with unique Innegra fibres. The handlebar is available in 2 widths and weighs only 245 grams.

  • PRO Vibe Carbon
    Full carbon and available as either an anatomical or a compact handlebar. It also has unique Innegra fibres. Depending on your choice of an anatomical or a compact handlebar and your selected width, the handlebar only weighs between 220 and 230 grams.

  • PRO Vibe Aluminium
    Aluminium handlebar, available as an anatomical or a compact handlebar. Depending on your choice of an anatomical or a compact handlebar and your selected width, the handlebar only weighs between 245 and 260 grams.

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PRO lifetime warranty

Not only Team Sky is equipped with the new PRO Vibe handlebars, but also Equipe FDJ and Team Bora-Hansgrohe. The handlebar is now also available for consumers. Since PRO is fully convinced of the quality of their products, all of their handlebars, stems and seatposts come with a unique lifelong warranty.

Find a PRO dealer

Do you also want to cycle with a clean cockpit and would love to enjoy a lightweight, super strong, aerodynamic handlebar? Find a PRO dealer near you and take a look at this handlebar for yourself!

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