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PRO offroad saddles: the power to exceed

New PRO Offroad Saddles GRIFFON, TURNIX and E-MTB specific VOLTURE will have you counting down the minutes until your next trail adventure.

Just in time for winter season, PRO adds three new offroad specific saddles to its strong lineup. Two of the models are GRIFFON and TURNIX, which are offroad versions of our popular road saddles. The third is VOLTURE, an E-MTB specific saddle. All three are designed with both performance and comfort in mind to help you to get the most out of every ride.


We’ve made the nose wider for more support during hard efforts on steep climbs. An Anatomic Fit cut-out in the saddle base ensures pressure relief.

GRIFFON has a flatter profile with a narrower tail section and deeper sidewall for less flexible riders who tend to move around more on the saddle.

TURNIX has a contoured profile with a wider tail for more flexible riders who move less. Both come in 132 mm, 142 mm, 152 mm widths.



We’ve used grippy PU cover material to keep you in place while putting power to the pedals. Textured PU inserts for better side protection.

As for what’s under the cover, our padding is made of shock absorbing, waterproof and super lightweight EVA adding that brings the overall weights down to 216 grams for GRIFFON and 222 grams for TURNIX.

The carbon-reinforced base is designed for optimal power transfer. High corrosion-resistant INOX steel rails handle all weather conditions.

In addition, we added an integrated mount in the saddle base which enables you to mount your favorite accessories such as a race plate, action camera or mud guard.


Since E-MTB cyclists remain seated for most of the ride, comfort is of utmost importance. PRO VOLTURE, weighing in at a mere 235 grams, not only keeps you comfortable, but improves your technical ability and performance. This will surely come in handy when you’re shredding through rough terrain.


Its Anatomic Fit cut-out in the saddle base significantly increases pressure relief.  Its strategically-placed thicker padding contributes to optimal comfort on the bike. Grippy PU cover material keeps you in place, while its textured PU inserts offer better side protection. A wider nose design gives you additional support when climbing. Reinforced carbon base improves comfort, stability and control, especially on technical terrain. A higher tail-up made for the unique demands of E-MTB riding ensures better power transfer. 

Available in 142 mm, 152 mm.


Not sure which saddle is right for your specific needs? Visit the PRO saddle selector for expert advice. We eliminate the guesswork to find your perfect saddle that’ll inspire you to ride for hours while weaving through the woods.

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