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All-weather riders

When winter sets in, there’s only one thing for it: protection, protection, protection. Shimano has the answer.

The right clothing

The Scottish comedian Billy Connolly once said, ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.’ There’s no way the irony of his statement would ever be lost on a mountain biker or cylcocross rider (or anyone who’s been to Scotland for that matter). Especially not now, when autumn and an early winter has set in.

If you’re a new and enthusiastic recreational rider in your first season, it’s probably been sun and fun so far. But as the wintry autumn sets in, and the wind starts to stiffen your fingers, face, arms and confidence, you may find yourself biking less and less. Then there’s only one thing for it: make sure you keep warm and protect yourself against the elements.

Shimano’s got your whole body covered with the right clothing. Choose between the thermal arm, leg and neck warmers with brushed fleece or the ‘Breath Hyper’ ones. Shimano’s Breath Hyper products warm you by allowing blood to flow more freely to your body’s extremities. They also draw moisture away from your skin to reduce the chilling effects of sweat. 

Protect your hands at all costs

Protect your hands no matter what, because if you don’t keep your hands warm, you won’t be able to shift or brake properly. Warm hands also mean maintaining good grip (not only as you shred down a trail towards the valley floor, but also if you need to carry your bike uphill in the mud).

Gloves absorb the shock of each bump that would otherwise go to your shoulders or neck. And if you should happen to fall – it happens to everyone – then you’ll count your blessings that you’re wearing gloves. Instinctively, you’ll put your hands out to break your fall, and they’ll usually take the brunt of the impact. Without gloves, that means tearing up your palms on gravel or rocks. Much better idea to let your gloves do the hard work. After all, they can be replaced.

Windbreak Gloves | Extreme Winter Gloves

What with?

Shimano’s range of gloves for MTB and cyclocross has something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Take the Thin Windbreak Gloves for cold and windy conditions. These gloves are the ultimate competition gloves with three layers with a windbreak membrane and mesh fabric that give you ultimate grip and flexibility.

For you die-hards out there who hit the trail in sub-zero temperatures, Shimano’s new Extreme Winter Gloves are your ticket. They’re the warmest and most adaptable gloves in Shimano’s line-up. They even have detachable inner gloves for superb heat retention. And if hell does freeze over, don’t panic. You can order a pizza (providing they’ll deliver where you are) from your smartphone without taking these gloves off.

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