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Beautiful Idiot

Life is full of shortcuts and well-traveled routes. Have you ever wondered what inspires a person to choose a harder path, the scenic route, or the long way around, to get wherever they’re headed? For athletes, artists, and others who pursue lofty goals, there’s beauty in that struggle. Beautiful Idiot— featuring the riding of Brett Rheeder— explores the motivations of those who go out of their way to challenge themselves.

While the narration makes connections between achievements, failures, and personal identity, the journey through an overachiever’s mind plays out on-screen as a visually stunning series of rides by Rheeder. His physical ups and downs parallel the setbacks and triumphs of those who dare to try — and who are driven to keep trying despite everything in their way.

Beautiful Idiot features stunning cinematography, thanks in part to its filming locations. Scenes include an Okanagan apple orchard, the shores of Tofino during storm season, plenty of pristine Canadian wilderness, and the slopestyle course in Rheeder’s own backyard.

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Photography by Robb Thompson // @beardofbeez