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Tharsis Trail

Di2-integrated bars and stems for your mountain-bike. Tharsis Trail bars and stems designed with the help of trail-riding phenomenon, GT Factory Racing and pro athlete, Martin Maes

Following the successful launch of its Tharsis XC system (components designed for the rigors of cross-country mountain-bike training and racing), PRO wanted to make a refined carbon handlebar and alloy stem combination for all-mountain and trail riders. And, to integrate it seamlessly with Shimano’s revolutionary Di2 drivetrain controls. The new cockpit is called Tharsis Trail. 

The beginning of the Trail stretches back to the late 1970s when cyclists across the world began tinkering with road bikes, cruisers, and clunkers so they could explore the millions of miles of off-road trails previously off-limits to cyclists. A group of avid riders in Northern California started an annual downhill race called the Repack ride (so-called because the heat generated by their long, off-road descents meant they had to re-pack the grease in their hubs after each run).  

Imagine these riders, long before the proper equipment existed, modifying old bikes themselves to take their love for cycling off-road. By simply wanting to ride bicycles on off-road trails, these pioneers triggered the wave of technological advancement that created the sport of mountain-biking as we know it today.

And what a sport they created! The riding (and the technology) has become so specialized that there is gear and competition specific to cross-country riding, downhill, trail riding, all-mountain, enduro, even dirt jumping. But at the heart of all these different ways to ride bikes in the great outdoors, the most common form of riding, and maybe even the soul of mountain-biking itself, is simple trail riding; cycling in the wilderness for mental and physical escape from the rest of the world. 

The Enduro phenomenon who helped us design for the soul of mountain-biking

The Tharsis Trail bars and stems were designed with the help of trail-riding phenomenon, GT Factory Racing and Shimano pro athlete, Martin Maes. Just 18 years old, Maes is best known for his impressive international success in 2013 and 2014 at the Junior UCI World Championships Enduro category (the ultra-competitive hybrid racing style that sits between the downhill and cross-country disciplines).

Simply put, Maes shreds trails and said he wanted to help us tailor the new cockpit to be fast for free-flowing trail-riding. His testing helped us refine the new cockpit on the local trails where he learned his craft. Together, the efforts have paid off in a cockpit that is beautiful, Di2 integrated, and perfect for the edge-of-your-seat demands of open-country free riding.

Integration and beauty out riding together

The Tharsis Trail cockpit is beautifully finished in matte black with glossy black decals so it matches any bike paint scheme. The handlebars come in two versions; traditional if you run a mechanical drivetrain or designed with a super-clean Shimano Di2 cable-routing system if you run the latest in electronic drivetrain shifting control. 

Both bars are 800mm wide with a 20-degree rise to give you amazing trail control. The bars can be narrowed down to 720mm so you can tune your fit and dial in the handling.

The stem comes in 35, 45, 55, and 65mm options with a 0-degree rise to give you a range of fits. The front clamp is wider than previous stems, stiffening the controls to better accommodate the forces applied by wider handlebars and aggressive riders. The stem also offers clean cable-routing for Di2 bikes. 

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