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Di2 takes Deore XT to the next level

Deore XT upgraded with Di2 and wireless capabilities for instant shifting with extreme accuracy under all conditions.

Between the top professional racers and the weekend warriors are a group of very skilled, highly competitive mountain bikers. These are the privateers of the sport; self-supported, motivated riders who put in the hours to keep race-fit and are always on the look out for that race-winning advantage. If you’re one of this select group, then Shimano had you in mind when it created the game-changing Deore XT Di2

Trail to Triumph: Technology to change your ride

With the Shimano Deore XT Di2, at the touch of a button you can instantly shift gears with extreme accuracy under all conditions. Fly through a sea of switchbacks, attack those rollers, shift gears on very steep trails with the confidence that you’ll always have the ideal gearing even when your hands are aching or frozen. 

Combined with the built-in trim function, which automatically adjusts the front derailleur, you always have access to that perfect gear instantly for the ultimate pure-adrenaline racing experience.

Programmable shifting via Smartphone

The most groundbreaking upgrade to Deore XT Di2 is its Bluetooth connection to Shimano’s E-tube program. Now you can wirelessly set up the Di2 shifting behaviour using your computer or tablet, or even via your smartphone while out on the trail. 

With its customisable shift map, you can program the next best gear at which Di2 shifts when going through the gears. You also have the option to simply use one shifter to take care of your front and rear gear changes thanks to the Synchro Shift technology. 

This is coupled with Shimano’s Rhythm Step philosophy that ensures the minimum amount of incremental steps when changing gears so you can maintain an even cadence and fluid riding style. No more large gear steps, no over-worked joints and muscles… just effortless pedalling throughout the gear range.

FIREBOLT shifting for ergonomic accuracy

Deore XT Di2 comes equipped with front and rear FIREBOLT shifters, for easy operation and accurate shifting with an ergonomic rotary action, short single-click action as well as effortless custom multi-shift possibilities. The FIREBOLT shift button placement is flexible and can be positioned exactly where your thumbs naturally rest. This allows you to shift faster to seamlessly match your efforts. 

The shifters work in harmony with the system information display that conveniently gives you a visual display of your gear and battery level. 

Front shifting boasts 25% increase in power over the mechanical Deore XT, while shifting in the rear remains smooth – even under high loads, on steep climbs or when the cassette is riddled with mud. This is also thanks to its Shadow RD+ technology that eliminates chain bounce to keep the chain on the sprockets under all conditions.

Shimano Deore XT Di2 components will be available in July, so get ready to triumph on the trail! 

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