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Explore new grounds with SHIMANO STEPS MTB

Our new SHIMANO STEPS MTB system delivers extended range allowing you to explore new grounds and conquer new horizons on your mountain-bike.

Mountain-biking with a boost

Mountain-bike riding is rewarding on many levels. You get to explore the world, get out into nature, and share the joy of life with your friends. Through the work of riding, you earn the reward of getting to remote destinations, exploring less-travelled pathways, and adventure beyond the horizon. But have you ever been on a ride so great that you wanted it to last forever? Where your legs gave out long before your desire to press on did? Or wanted to stay with a group of more experienced riders?

Combining our extensive knowledge in e-bike powertrains and mountain biking, SHIMANO is proud to release STEPS MTB, an e-assist system dedicated to the rigors and demands of mountain biking. Whether you ride all-mountain, enduro or cross country, our new SHIMANO STEPS MTB gives you the freedom to extend yourself beyond your limits.

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Ride further with SHIMANO STEPS MTB

The SHIMANO STEPS MTB groupset gives a boost to your rides. The 70Nm of torque drive unit is designed to level the playing field between riders of different fitness levels and abilities and add a new level of fun to riding.

We power the drive with a slim and powerful battery pack that tucks neatly into the triangle formation around your bottom bracket in a package that looks sleek and slim and a natural part of your bike.

A hand-up on the roughest terrain

It was important for us to create as natural a riding experience for you with E-MTB so you pedal with the new system the same as you would on your traditional bike, just with help from the system when you want it.

And when you do want help when riding, you have the freedom to choose to draw as much or as little assistance as you want from the system by choosing between Eco, Main, and High-Power riding modes. And when the trail is just too steep and it’s time to hike-a-bike, you can use Power-Walk mode to get help from the bike making it up over the hill. 

Take command of the mountain-bike experience

With SHIMANO STEPS MTB, you’re in complete control of your E-MTB experience. The system comes with a robust, bar-mounted colour LCD cycle computer with an amazing display that gives you ultimate visibility into how the system is working. You (or your dealer) can even tune the system with our E-Tube management software (which is now Bluetooth and ANT compatible).

The system is compatible with Deore XT mechanical and Di2 as well as other Shimano drivetrain components and will be available from autumn 2016.

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