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Single or double drivetrain? Discover the preferences of our riders.

Single front or double is the question. Find out what’s your best choice. Here is what to do!

With six exclusive videos, Shimano presents all new stories featuring the choices from both professional and amateur riders. Since there is no single truth Shimano created in addition an interactive and easy-to-use Drivetrain Advisor to let you find the setup that’s right for you. Here is part 2 in which three experienced riders will fully explain their choices.

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The right choice for Karl Platt

In the video from Karl Platt, professional marathon mountain bike racer, he tells why the Cape Epic is his favorite race. The terrain in South Africa is very different, you've lots of corners. Lots of new and unexpected trails with incredible variety. Super steep and very long. So for his type of riding he prefers 2x11. He is really happy with the double because you can go anywhere without being afraid to run out of gears. Next to that, Karl really likes the small gear steps. His advice: You've got to decide really carefully. Choose what kind of rider you are and what kind of tracks you ride.

The best option for Carl Bauer

Carl explains his choice for 1x11: “I appreciate a 1x11 drivetrain for the simplicity of it. You can have a shifter on one side, a dropper lever on the other side. It's easy.” He knows the area he rides very well, knowing where one can get away with and being able to use a 1x11. Whereas he is convinced that a 2x11 system can be the better choice for somebody that rides unknown trails and appreciates the increased gear range and closer gear ratios less than he does.

Nico Lau about his choice for 2x11

Enduro professional athlete Nico Lau rides a 29-er bike with an 11-40 cassette by 38-28 chainring. He says: “To ride fast on the way down is the best option to have. I prefer cycling up the hill rather than hiking up it. Yeah, I'm biker, not hiker.” The 2x11 gives him that benefit. For Nico the 2x11 is the best way to have a long and easy climb up. He would recommend the double to everyone who's going to explore the mountains or wants to get fit. 

Shimano is here to advise

The right drivetrain is all about the right choice. So the only truth about a single or double front drivetrain lies within yourself and your trail. That is why Shimano created an interactive and easy-to-use Drivetrain Advisor. Check what's the right choice for you at

Watch all videos and get to know the details on the choices of experienced riders.

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