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Keep your clothes tuned like your bike

Take care of your chamois like you treat your bike and your chamois will take care of you. You may already know some of these tips, or you are a new rider joining the party, so let's get up to speed on a few things.

Before your ride

1. Go commando!
On the bike, it's no undies, no panties, no manties.

2. Chamois dance!
Wiggle. Adjust your stuff. Shake your body. When things are anatomically aligned, you're ready to roll.

3. Chamois cream?
Nope! Our chamois are designed to move and breathe eliminating the need for chamois cream.

Enjoy your ride!


After your ride: a clean chamois is a happy chamois!

To keep your ride apparel in perfect conditions, follow these advices:
1. Turn your bibs inside out so the chamois gets the most powerful cleaning and rinse.
2. Was your apparel at 30 degrees.
3. Don't soak your apparel.
4. Use nutral soap and do not use softeners.
5. Don't use the dryer, but turn inside out and hang 'em high and keep away from the sun.
6. Don't iron your cycling apparel.

How to keep your shoes nice and shiny?
1. Fill a bucked with medium heated water and dish soap.
2. Clean your shoes with a soft brush. Don't forget the shoe plate area.
3. Get them a rinse off with cold water.
4. Dry 'em off, take out the inner sole.
5. Open your shoes and stuff them with newspapers. This will help the drying process.

Good luck!

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