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Look smart, be safe

High-vis clothing has always been seen as a trade-off between safety and fashion. But it’s not. Here’s why.

Standing out from the pack

For many people, biking isn’t a seasonal thing. Rain or shine, warm or cold, light or dark – your bike never gathers dust. Even in the winter when there are fewer daylight hours. But whether you’re a commuter or want to grab an early ride on your road bike to get your blood circulating, it often means riding on both sides of darkness.

Everyone agrees that it makes sense to stand out when you’re riding, especially in the dark. But you want to look smart doing it too, right? The good news is that high-vis clothing is no longer a trade-off between fashion and safety. You don’t have to look like a traffic warden in a clumsy neon vest to be safe anymore. Because when it comes to high-vis clothing, the times they-have-a-changed.

Visibility recipe

If you’re a bit shy to wear bright colours, have no fear. Bright yellows and reds are in fashion this year – and not only on the catwalks. Shimano offers a range of slick high-vis clothing items and accessories that not only look smart and protect you from the elements, but also make sure you stand out – night and day. During the daytime Shimano’s bright yellow top is great for creating contrast with your surroundings. Once it starts getting dark though, reflectivity is the name of the game, because you need something that works in artificial light. A visibility recipe.

Pick and mix from Shimano’s reflective accessories

Shimano has a high-visibility helmet cover and windbreaker with 360-degree reflectivity that are guaranteed to make your larger body parts stand out in the dark. Most importantly, make sure that your moving parts have reflective strips so other road users are sure to see you’re not static. Reflective details on your shoes and shoe covers are a good example. And put reflecting strips on your knees and wheels. That will have you covered from all angles.

So I can’t emphasise it enough: high-vis clothing is not and never should be a trade-off between safety and fashion. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it too nowadays.

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