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Shimano eyewear - light, strong, and versatile

Protect your most-valuable assets with Shimano’s dynamic range of eyewear for road, mountain and urban cyclists.

Protection for those lovely eyes of yours

It is said that our eyes are the windows to our souls. They’re more than that. As a cyclist, your eyes are your interpreter of the world around you, your guide to the challenges that lay ahead, and your mapmakers of the terrain. In other words, your eyes are one of the most important body parts you need to enjoy this sport you love. But our eyes are under constant attack on every ride from UV radiation, wind, rain, road spray, grit, debris, and bugs. To make sure we always have use of this most valuable asset, our eyes must be protected at all times when riding.

Shimano’s eyewear line is versatile, light, and strong. Most frames come in several dynamic colour choices and with several colour lenses so you can match their look to your kit, your helmet, or your bike and the level of protection to your place and style of riding. Many of our frames offer photochromatic or polarised lenses as well as adjustable nose pads.

From road racers to MTB shredders and urban landscape dominators, the need for reliable eye protection is universal so Shimano develops and designs eyewear for cyclist of all kinds. Let’s zoom in on a few models:

Shimano’s next top models

Shimano S71R eyewear is made for you road riders. As lightweight as we can make a pair of sunglasses, the frame and lenses are designed to allow the widest angle of vision. Offered in several colours, the S71R gives full UV400 protection and is available with either photochromic (the lens gradually gets darker as the sun gets brighter and returns to its clearest gradient when the light fades) or polarized (excellent UV protection) lenses. The S71R comes with a reversible nose pad so you can tailor the feel and position them optimally in combination with your helmet.


The EQX2 is our best-selling all-around road glasses. Built for rides in all conditions, the EQX2 is strong, light, and comes with photochromic or polarized lenses. The nose pad is adjustable for a tailored fit and compatible with our RX clip (prescription clip-on lens adapter).


Shimano’s S71X is our top-of-the-line off-road eyewear. Available with both photochromic and polarized lenses, the S71X comes in several colours. Lens angle can be adjusted up to 16-degrees to allow you to tweak the position of the lens against your face while riding for maximum protection against wind, the elements, and debris. The nose-pad is also adjustable. 


Our newest off-road eyewear model, the S51X, is aggressively styled to allow air to flow between the frames and lenses for optimal comfort and the management of ‘fogging.’ One of our lightest models, the S51X is available with photochromic lenses and comes in five different frame colours.


All four of these Shimano eyewear models come with a protective travel case so they stay protected for you when packed in a bike bag or, if you’re like us, thrown in the seatwell of a car.

These Shimano eyewear models, and others, are available through select retailers worldwide.

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