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Shimano Service Centers: expert service for cyclists across Europe

The professional one-stop-shop for reliable and high-quality service

Shimano Service Centers are here to provide a professional service for cyclists across Europe. A place devoted to providing you with technical knowledge and reliable advice. As Shimano specialists they offer a wide availability of Shimano Original Parts, making it the place to go for all Shimano products. Use the Shimano Service Center locator to find the one nearest you and experience the service for yourself.

Shimano Service Centers are a European network of independent bike dealers. And as one might expect, they provide more than just professional bike service. Cyclists are guaranteed to get reliable advice on all Shimano products and innovations. The technical service and warranty work is performed by qualified Shimano experts – professional mechanics trained by Shimano.

Original parts

All Shimano components are developed based on the Shimano system philosophy, and are conceived, designed and produced to work together in perfect harmony. There‘s really no substitute for Shimano Original Parts. Shimano Service Centers always provide you with Original Parts to make sure you can keep enjoying your bike as it was intended. You are thus assured maximum performance and maximum comfort.

Technologies and innovations

Shimano always introduces its latest products and technologies at the Shimano Service Centers, so you will always find the latest products here. What’s more, you’ll be first to get information and advice on Shimano's latest innovations and experience Shimano products first hand. The Shimano Service Centers are also the best place to find Shimano Original Parts, such as Shimano group sets, original components like chains, cassettes, brakes and cables, as well as Shimano cleats, shoes and wheels.

"Take servicing seriously to keep enjoying your ride and visit your local Shimano Service Center regularly"

Find a Shimano Service Center near you

The Shimano-endorsed network of dealers will advise you about the complete Shimano product range, recommending the Shimano products most suited to how and where you want to ride. 

With nearly 700 Shimano Service Centers across Europe, there is always a Shimano Service Center near you. To find your local Center, check the Shimano Service Center locator

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