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Tharsis XC

the cleanest cockpit on the trail

The challenge: to co-create a solution for our most demanding riders that fully integrates XTR components into the handlebars, stem and fork steerer. The result: Tharsis XC, the cleanest cockpit on the trail.

Co-creation is a major driver of innovation, and Tharsis XC is a great example of what’s at the end of that process. Take the designing and engineering expertise of PRO and Shimano, add to that advice and feedback from pro riders, and there’s a pretty good chance something special will happen. So what makes Tharsis XC stand out?

Full integration – and more

A tangle of wires, it’s every rider’s nightmare. That’s the first thing you notice about Tharsis XC: it’s clean as a whistle. Take the flat top handlebar. It has grooves and holes to guide and hide the wires internally, and gives them full protection under grips and clamp bands. For Di2 riders, Tharsis XC has also found a way – two, actually – of integrating the Di2 battery. You can slide it neatly into the fork steerer or tuck it away in the seatpost.

None of these innovations has come at the expense of quality. On the contrary. The PRO Tharsis handlebars retain key competitive features because they were developed with World Cup XC racers in mind. The bars use high-grade unidirectional carbon fibre, so they are light, efficient and seriously stiff. They’re available in three different rises and all have 9˚ of back sweep. Another great feature is that you can customize the handlebars safely by cutting up to 4 cm on each side to get your preferred width. PRO has developed three Tharsis XC handlebars:

·         flat – 700 mm wide / 31.8 mm diameter
·         flat top / flat top Di2 – 720 mm wide / 31.8 mm diameter / 5 mm rise
·         riser – 740 mm wide / 31.8 mm diameter / 15 mm rise  

The Tharsis XC seatpost also uses high-grade unidirectional carbon fibre and weighs in at a mere 199 grams. The dual flat sections inside the tube make it strong and reduce the risk of riders overtightening the seatpost clamp. It uses a single bolt clamp design with easy access from the side. This makes adjusting the seat a piece of cake. The seatposts vary in diameter from 27.2 mm to 31.6 mm, with the offset ranging from 0 mm to 20 mm. The stem is available in lengths from 70 mm to 120 mm in two angle configurations, -6 and -17. Click here to check out the full range of Tharsis XC components.

The components of Tharsis XC can handle any adventure thrown its way. Imagine premium Di2 shifting and a tidy and trim cockpit. Light handlebars with the right balance of stiffness and efficiency. Like the eponymous range of volcanoes on Mars – the highest mountains in the universe – Tharsis XC aims for great heights. But what’s in a name?