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Tiagra 4700, your perfect partner

Imagine: summer’s around the corner. The weather starts to warm. Gone are the rainy days, and only the occasional breeze is there to remind you of the inclement April weather.

You get up early, hop on your bike and head for the hills. There’s no traffic yet, and the road is all yours. So far so good, as you sail over the first gentle incline. Then it gets steeper. You downshift and hear a noise you don’t want to hear. Suddenly you can barely turn the pedal. You’re hardly moving. You stop.

This morning’s ride has told you one thing for certain: you need something new, and you need it fast. Problem is, you’ve been putting if off because, like many other people, there’s this small problem called budget. On the other hand, you really want a groupset that won’t let you down this time. Something that works all the time: rain or shine, up or down.

Much more than entry level

We have good news for you: the wait is over. The new Tiagra 4700 groupset has raised the quality bar for entry-level riders to new heights. In fact, we’ll let you in on a little secret: the only thing really ‘entry level’ about Tiagra 4700 is its affordability. Because this generation was inspired by pros and has inherited key technologies from its big brothers, the 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

First off, the revamped Tiagra drivetrain is dependable, consistent and low-maintenance. This 10-speed groupset is compatible with up to a 34T cassette, making life on the hills easier. You’ll find shifting precise and virtually effortless – just what you needed this morning.

You’ll notice the cables have been routed internally. And the slim and compact bracket grip makes the brake and shift lever easy to reach from the hood position. This generation of Tiagra has eliminated distraction and introduced amazing comfort and ease. And it has raised the safety bar too, because the brakes have 30% more braking power.

Options for everyone

Whether you use your bike for fitness, touring or to get to work, Tiagra 4700 has options for everyone. It has both a drop-bar and flat-bar option with compatible levers. And besides the mid-compact 52/36 and the 50/34 standard compact, with interchangeable chain ring combinations, Tiagra 4700 is also available as a 50/39/30 triple chainset. So whether you’re braving stiff coastal winds or hilly country roads, Tiagra is your perfect partner.

The meteor grey Tiagra has a sleek and clean-cut new look too. For the first time, it has the handsome four-arm chainset used by the higher-end, race-proven groupsets. The ergonomic and professional-looking design of the shifters also evokes its more expensive siblings.

Tiagra 4700 is set to hit the shop floors in June 2015, just in time for the sunny weather.